On January 8-10, 2015, former Strauss Center Director and Distinguished Scholar Frank Gavin co-convened a conference with RMIT University's Joseph Siracusa examining the global nuclear order. The event, Reassessing the Global Nuclear Order—Past, Present, and Future, sought to instigate an intellectual conversation assessing the contemporary global nuclear order, bringing together scholars from the U.S., the U.K., China, Iran, Australia, and New Zealand.

In a recent piece for Foreign Policy's Shadow Government blog, Clements Center Director and Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Will Inboden discusses this year's State of the Union address and the question of President Obama's legacy. In the post, entitled The Obama Legacy and the Next Two Years, Inboden argues that it is time for the Administration to implement strategic policies that strengthen the hand of its successor rather than saddle it with problems.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar HW Brands spoke this week to NPR about President Obama's strategy to be a successful lame-duck president. According to Brands it will be hard for President Obama not to be one during his seventh year in office, as "the shelf life of a seventh-year State of the Union address is about five minutes," and the accomplishment of any presidential proposal is not very likely.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Jeremi Suri gave International Business Times his take on the political impact that the Charlie Hebdo attack is having across Europe, where far-right and center-right parties are using the terror attack as ammunition against leftist groups. Suri explained how French politician Marine Le Pen—head of the far-right National Front—is already advocating for a "France that's only filled with traditional French citizens."

The Strauss Center is recruiting several coders to assist in tracking political violence in Asia as part of an expansion of the Armed Conflict Location and Event Dataset (ACLED). ACLED is the premier armed conflict dataset for Africa and select other high-risk countries, providing near real-time, detailed data on conflict patterns, actors, and dynamics.

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