Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program researchers, in collaboration with the Government of Malawi, Development Gateway, and AidData, led a first-of-its-kind effort to map nearly all official development aid (ODA) activities in Malawi at the subnational level. Open Aid Map, a new working paper published this week by the World Bank and authored by researchers at CCAPS and Development Gateway, delves into the methodology used to collect and geocode information on nearly 800 aid projects and 2,900 activities from 31 ODA donors in Malawi.

Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and Former Associate Director Celeste Ward Gventer appeared in a recent edition of the New York Times'  "Room for Debate," weighing in on how the international community can minimize the risk of a terrorist resurgence in Afghanistan after the U.S. and NATO pull out all troops from the region. Gventer explains that although the lack of troops in Afghanistan will naturally limit U.S. potential to address terrorism, this will not necessarily directly lead to an increase in terrorist activity.

In a recent interview for Fox 7 News' "Good Morning Austin," Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Dr. Jeremi Suri discussed the current situation in Ukraine and the possibility of U.S. involvement in the conflict. For Suri, the U.S. has three key interests at stake. The first is Europe's peace and stability, which could be jeopardized given Ukraine's geographical location at the border of the region. Ukraine is also a major byway of gas and other energy supplies for much of Europe. Finally, the entire region is an important U.S. trading partner.

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar and Clements Center Director William Inboden argues recent events in Ukraine prove that Russia does not respect the responsibility and requirements of G-8 membership and should not enjoy its privileges and prestige. In his piece, It's Long Been Clear That Russia Doesn't Belong, Inboden responds to the question of whether or not Russia should be kicked our of the G-8 in the affirmative.

In the next installment of, "Where Are They Now?" the Strauss Center checks in with Elaine Sedenberg, a 2010-2011 Next Generation Scholar. Sedenberg was paired with Strauss Center Distinguished Scholar Dr. Fredrick Chang, an expert in cybersecurity and information technology.

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